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Every decision is based on your business model, audience and segment.


With indepth analysis of your business model, the competition, and who your clients or customers are we are better equipped to effectively promote your products or services.

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Recent Work

Dealertrack Infographic

Dealertrack Infographic

Infographic showing the entry point for the customer to search for a car, to the end point of the how each vehicle is sold, delivered and re-entered into the market.

Tar & Feather ALbum Artwork

Tar & Feather Album

Created CD booklet for recording artist, Tar & Feather.

Tar & Feather logo

Tar & Feather Logo

Created three iterations for the Tar & Feather logo treatment; which include one with type treatment alone and the other two with the feather graphic.

Champion National Security

Champion National Security Website

Proposal to update website with responsive design for all devices. Create clean, crisp site for a better experience for users.

Bunch Social Networking

Bunch Social Networking Ad

Print Ad cycling social networking group to bring awareness of the organization in magazines and other publications.

Beautinet Login

Beauticontrol Website Login

Proposed update the website login for consultants; cleaner look and feel to enhance the image of the beauty products company.

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